Logoysk History and Local Studies Museum

The decision to found the museum was taken by the District Executive Committee in 2000. Today, the museum, which is located in the Cultural Center of Logoysk, there are three halls: the exhibition hall; the hall "Events and People"; and the hall dedicated to Counts Tyszkiewiczes. In the hall "Events and People", visitors can get acquainted with the most prominent residents of Logoysk who fought heroically for their country during World War II. The hall dedicated to Counts Tyszkiewiczes, there are patterns of ethnography and life, archeology and numismatics, and philocartistics and philately - objects used by our ancestors in the 19th-20th centuries. These are the collection compiled by Counts Konstanty and Eustachy Tyszkiewiczes. In the exhibition hall, sometimes there are exhibitions of artists of painting, crafts, or collections from other museums, and commercial exhibitions. The main fund of the museum is 7,605 items, the research additional fund is 2,106 items (2012). The most significant collections are documents, photos, ethnography, archeology, material monuments. The main museum activities are tours around the museum halls and the memorial places of the town and land, lectures for students. Annually, the museum holds the Tyszkiewicz Readings and Tyszkiewicz Open-Airs for Children.